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"You were an answer to my prayers, darn good job you do and I never tire of telling you."

Jane Landwair

DSC Web Services, Inc.
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Local SEO

Local search engine optimization. Are you a local business owner looking for more business in your town? We help your business get listed on Google's first page higher and more often than your competitors.
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National SEO

National search engine optimization. Get higher organic rankings on Google, Bing and other national search platforms. Process for defining and "owning" your keyword universe on Google.
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Lead Generation

Need leads? Need more phone calls and more new customers fast? Try our lead generation services.
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"Without a second thought I highly recommend Doug as an instructor. First hand, he’s taught me SO much and he really knows his stuff. In fact, I work with him and refer my clients to him because he actually KNOWS what he’s doing. He explains things in a way that anyone can understand, and he is patient."

Michelle Salater
CEO of Sūmèr, LLC

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