DSC Web Services: The Beginning

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Hi. I’m Doug Stewart, president of DSC Web Services, Inc. Here is how DSC Web Services came to be . . .

In 1998 I was a salesperson. I sat at a desk facing a yellowish-beige wall all day.  I had a phone, a PC, a legal pad and another salesperson sitting within an arm’s link to the right of me. I sold IBM printers.

What Happened When an IBM Business Partner's Source for Sales Leads Dried Up

The IBM Business Partner I worked for, had one source of sales leads. And they had one process for turning those leads into sales.

At first, we would buddy-up to IBM reps. We would convince them we had a sure-fire way to close some printer sales in their accounts.

We showed them how easy it was to target old printers still on a lease and upgrade them to a new printer for the same monthly payment or less. Then the IBM rep would find the targeted older printers on a lease in their territory, connect us with the right people, and we would close the deal.

The process worked like crazy, for a little while…

Scrambling to Find a Reliable New Source for Leads

Our office was across the street from the IBM telesales center. Our sales team became well known because we closed deals left and right.

Soon the IBM reps we worked with, had fewer and fewer customers with older printers on high dollar monthly leases.

And there were fewer and fewer IBM reps who hadn’t already worked with us. The well was drying up.

Management scrambled for a solution to this problem.

The Search for a Website Design Firm

Next thing you know I’m sitting in a conference room with the company management.

We’re listening to a web design firm explain why they should build a website for us. They didn’t understand the business.

I volunteered to build the website. After hours.

Management agreed. And I went to work on it.

Restless Sales Staff & Whispers of Mutiny

Three of the company’s best salespeople decided they weren’t going to stick around and see what happens. They met with an investor and started their own business.

Another near-fatal blow for my employer.

Did management make the right decision agreeing to have me build the site? Was it too little; too late?

I kept my nose to the grindstone. I kept working on the website and getting better search engine rankings.

Internet Lead from a Big Company Hits My Email Box

One afternoon an email pops up in my inbox. It’s from the website I built. It’s from the top search engine rankings I earned.

The email is from Sallie Mae in Killeen, Texas. They’re interested in a $70,000 printer with a maintenance contract.

Woo Hoo!

I usually sold $5K – $10K printers. Here was a qualified lead from a big company. And it was 7 times the size of my usual sale.

The story gets better . . .

Sallie Mae bought two $70K printers with maintenance contracts. One for their Killeen location and one for their Wilkes-Barre location. This was the biggest sale of my career.

It also proved the value of the websites and the SEO work I was doing.

IBM Business Partner Survives Sales Funnel Failure and Mutiny

The IBM Business Partner became DSC Web Services’ first client. They survived the 1998 mutiny. They survived the death of the old IBM printer lease replacement sales funnel.

In January of 1999, I went to the Dallas Lakewood branch of the Wells Fargo bank. I opened a business checking account and deposited my Sallie Mae commissions for working capital. That’s how DSC Web Services, Inc was born. Thank you Sallie Mae.

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